Kanji House in Asauksa is so amazing!!

Asakusa is famous for its shopping street called Nakamise Shopping Street, but if you are not interested in shopping and are interested in experience, you should go to  Kanji House!
Kanji is letter used in Japan. If you go to Kanji House, you will get your name in Kanji.
It is a very popular shop in “Trip Advisor”.
Please take a try by all means.


When you visit the shop,please be sure to make your reservation!!

One more nice soft ice cream shop at Asauksa!!

There is another good soft ice cream shop in Asakusa.
There is a soft ice cream of tofu taste.
On a little narrow road next to Nakamise shopping street, the name is “Yahei”. I

I pasted the photos, so please refer to these pictures.

This should only be enjoyed in Japan, so please try it by all means.
The price is 350 yen.
Besides, there are matcha flavor, mango flavor, strawberry flavor, vanilla flavor.


Must go place,Tsukiji

One place you should go in Tokyo is Tsukiji. Because it moved to other place in October 2018, it will never be able to see the nostalgic and unique atmosphere of old times.
Tsukiji was originally part of Tokyo Bay. Early in the 17th century, there was a big fire in the center of Tokyo, we decided to develop this area in the reconstruction plan, and it was built by landfill.
After development, there were villa areas of Daimyo and low-class samurai and houses of townspeople in this area.


In the 18th century, there was a wholesaler such as rice, charcoal, firewood etc. However, the rice specializes in the location, it has grown up in the sea breeze, and since then the area was a martial arts training course of martial arts training from the mid-nineteenth century to the latter half, , Hotel for foreign residence staying etc was set up etc. A lot of foreigners started to live in the southern area from Tsukiji, and various new cultures such as mission school, breadmaking, letterpress printing, surveying art were incorporated.

However, on September 1, 1923, there was a major earthquake in Tokyo, the Nihonbashi that had flourished as a fresh fish market has also been destroyed and the land of Tsukiji was selected as a new fresh fish market.
Although it prospered very much as a kitchen in Tokyo, it became obsolete, and it came to close the curtain in October, 2018.
Come and take a step on this tsukiji in this old and old-fashioned atmosphere. This place is not a sightseeing spot but a wholesaler who is working seriously, so we recommend you to go around 9 o’clock so that it does not get in the way.


Nikko Toshogu Shrine,the World Heritage sites

Although Nikko Toshogu is one of the world heritage, it is definitely worth going.
Nikko Toshogu is a grave of Ieyasu Tokugawa, but Tokugawa Ieyasu is the one who made the foundation of Tokyo now. Ieyasu came to Tokyo in 1603, but Ieyasu is very important in talking about the history of Tokyo to say that there was no current Tokyo if he was not in Tokyo.

<Isyasu Tokugawa>

Tokugawa Ieyasu’s politics is called Tokugawa Shogun Government, and the era of General Tokugawa lasted for 265 years (1603-1868), spans 15 generations. In the first generation Ieyasu, the second generation his son, the third generation the grandchild, and so on 15 generations lasted. In the last 265 years, civil war hardly occurred and it was a peaceful era.

Especially Ieyasu ‘s grandson’ s grandson Iemitsu respected Ieyasu very much, firstly Ieyasu ‘s grave was simple, but from the strong desire of Iemitsu, the shrine  became a gorgeous building like now. There are 5000 sculptures in Nikko Toshogu Shrine, each meaningful.
In addition, although Nikko Toshogu is a shrine, elements of Buddhism are also included. There are two religions in Japan, one is Shinto. Shinto is a religion peculiar to Japan, Buddhism has come from India through China. When Buddhism came, Shinto accepted Buddhism.Because there are many gods in the world of Shinto, Buddhist Buddha was considered as one of Shinto gods. Therefore, they coexist without fighting each other.

Asakusa Sensoji story.

Asakusa is the must go place in Tokyo!

It is a traditional, historical and excited area with the oldest Buddhist temple in the city.

The Buddhist temple is called Sensoji temple and was built in 7th century.

Once upon a time, there were two fishermen’s brothers.

They went to fishing as usual on 628, March 18.

They got a human shape small stone from river called Sumida river.

They threw the stone back to the river, but they got the stone again and again and again.

Finally, they brought it and talked about this mysterious thing to a wise man in their village.

He taught this stone was a Buddhist statue and it is a type of  Genzerieki.

Genzerieki means benefits gained in this world through observance of the Buddhist teachings.

The two fishermen were interested in the statue and prayed to have a great catch for fish. Next day, they really caught a lot of fish!!!

And the wise man decided to become the monk and teach the Buddhist teachings to people in that village. He converted his house to a temple. That is the Sensoji temple’s story.

This is the story how Sensoji Temple was made in Asakusa.

Next to Sensoji Temple, there is a shrine called Asakusa Shrine.

In this shrine, the two fishermen and the wise man are enshrined as deities.

Even now, a festival to commemorate for three people’s achievements has been held every May.





Nikko Edo wonderland!!

If you are interested in Nikko, Nikko Edo wonderland is the must place you go.

Edo is the old name of Tokyo. Tokugawa shogun have governed Tokyo from 1603 to 1868. At that time, Tokugawa shogun took an isolation policy, so Japanese unique culture was flourished. For example, Japanese traditional stage drama called Kabuki, Japanese traditional sports;Sumo, wood block porint; Ukiyoe,comic show;Rakugo and so on.

In Edo wonderland time trave to Edo is possible.

All of the staff are wearing Japanese traditional costume and even trash box has a traditional look.

There are some shows.

I recommend Ninja and Oiran shows.

You can see the action Ninja show. Oiran is actually high class prostitutes putting lots of hair ornaments and gorgeous fashion. They are not just prostitutes, they can dance,play some instruments, make poems and show hospitality very well, so if men want to play with them, they had to pay huge amount of price.

Now, there are no Ninja and Oiran in Japan, but if you go to the Oiran show in Nikko Edo wonderland, you can join the show and the Oiran will show hospitality with dancing and pouring Sake for you.

Please take a look if you want to know more about Nikko Edo wonderland!!!