Menchi Katsu croquette in Dempoin Street in Asakusa.

Menchi Katsu croquette in Dempoin Street in Asakusa.
We,Japanese love croquette very much.

Basically, the croquette in Japanese meant batter coating fried mashed potatoes. But, Menchi Katsu is fried batter coating minced pork mixed with salt and pepper.
It is absolutely delicious.
By the way, Dempoin Street in Asakusa, where there is a Menti Katsu shop, is reproducing the old cityscape and it is a pleasant street just walking.

Hot Pot meal with LOACHES

Loaches’s hot pot meal has been eaten in Asakusa since long ago. They were very easy to get as Asakusa is a riverside place. There is Sumida River.
I went to eat loaches’ hot pot. It had a very unique taste with like a muddy river smell  remained.
However, this unique taste seems to become popular. There are some loach’s restaurants in Asakusa. The picture is a loach’s restaurant named “Dozeu”.

I wento to “Dozeu” with my guests coming from Myanmar.

I was worried if she dislike the taste, but she said “it’s yummy.”. She seemed to eat similar taste fish in her own country.

Sliced green onions and sliced burdock were served to eat together with loaches.

Lastly, I like to eat eggs like this.


Adress:1-7-12 Komagata Taito-ku,Tokyo


opening time:11:00am-9:00pm

Kamiya Bar in Asakusa

There is a nice bar in Asakusa called Kamiya bar.
The Kamiya bar is a very historical bar, crowded with local regulars.
There were air raids around Asakusa during the Second World War.
The Asakusa area became a burned land.
However, the building of this Kamiya bar was very rugged in Western architecture, so it remained without being blown away.

The local people of Asakusa who saw it decided to restore the city of Asakusa from this bar.
The city of this Asakusa is now made Kamiya bar swift.
So, the address of this Kamiya bar is” 1-1-1 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo”!
Now, the bar is on the first floor, the Western restaurant is on the second floor, and the Japanese cuisine restaurant is on the third floor.

It is also famous as Japan ‘s first bar.
Established in 1880, they began selling one glass of drink for the first time. Also, at this bar there is famous cocktail called Electric Blanc. In Japanese, “Denki Buran”. It is a cocktail based on brandy, and it is a very storong alcoholic.

Please visit this bar at the end of Asakusa sightseeing.


Nice Tempura bowl restaurant in Asakusa!

Asakusa is famous for tempura rice bowl.
Tokyo was called Edo when samurai govened Tokyo, and people in Edo were called Edokko.

Edokko were busy, so tempura rice bowl became popular at Edo, cuz  they can eat tempura and rice at the same time, then they can save thier time.

The two tops of delicious tempura restauranteurs are  “Masaru” and “Daikokuya”.
Tempura in Asakusa is unique. They are fried in black sesame oil, so the color of tempura is deeper than usual ones.
It will be served like this picture.

There is impact. The big tempura is an eel.
I smell the river a little, but that is also the taste of Asakusa.
The owner  will feel free to talk to you very much. A lot of foreigners are coming, please do not hesitate to go. However, please be careful as it will be sold out if you go there late time. I recommended you go there around 11:30.

Little Seabejae in Asakusa

Little Seabejae is a coffee shop with delicious muffins next to Asakusa’s Kanji House. The feature of this muffin is using rice flour. Those who are gluten-free, vegetarians and  those who eat everything,   can eat it deliciously. When I go to Kanji House I stop by there as surely as always ♪

For vegetarians and vegans, Japan is a difficult country.
Because fish and meat are used as a soup stock for almost all  dishes, I think that 100% vegan people will have many difficulty in Japan.
Meanwhile, at Little Seabejae, not only muffins but also meal can be eaten. Meal is only lunch time. Furthermore, the atmosphere of the owner and interior are fabuous(^^)

Chocolate cake was also delicious!!



Kushiage or Kushikatsu :One of Japanese local food.

Kushikatsu is a dish that can be eaten in the south and western regions from the vicinity of Tokyo, skewered vegetables, fish, cows, pigs, chicken, and fried in oil. Yakitori may have heard of it, but yakitori burns skewered items, but kushikatsu fried. We call it Kushikatsu or Kushiage. Both are the same meaning.

Basically, fried foods are served, but there are shops that deep themselves.
If you want to eat Kushiage and you are in Tokyo, you must go to “Toyokatsu” in Shinjuku Sanchome!  My friend  owns the restaurant and it’s really nice.

Especially recommended for “Toyokatsu” are pork ginger and Toyokasu. The inside of chicken contains the contents of dumplings, shrimps, scallops, shiitake mushrooms etc are all delicious.

Adress in Japanese:東京都 新宿区 新宿 3-11-6 エクレ新宿 B1F

Adress in English: B1F 3-11-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo.

This is a marker of the entrance.

Tokyo’s local food, Monjayaki

Monjayaki is the local food of Tokyo. In English, it is runny puncake. It is an expression that does not seem to be very delicious, but there is only that. . . Have you ever heard of okonomiyaki? Okonomiyaki is puncake, is not it? The taste is very similar, but Monjyaki is characterized by not being solid like okonomiyaki.

This is an Okonomiyaki.


I think that it is difficult to image only letters, so I will explain how to eat Monja fried with a photo.

First, put the oil on the iron plate.

This is Monja and first, put the ingredients in the bowl besides soup stock.


Make the circle with the ingredient,means make a hole middle of the ingredients like the following picture.

Pour the soup stock up!

Wait until soup and ingredients warm.

Finally, you can eat!!!There should be a small spatula,so take the Monja using it. Be careful spatula is too hot when you eat.

***If you want to eat Monja, you should go to Monja street in Tokyo. The nearest station is Tsukishima staion of Toei Oedo Line or Metro Yurakucho Line.

My favorite Monja restaurant is here.

Monja, “Tsukushiya”.





The strongest taste Macha flavor gelato♥♥♥

You must try this Matcha flavor gelato when you visit at Asakusa.

Asakusa is a vary famous sight seeing spot with Sensoji temple, but it’s not only the temple, also many places you must go.

I definitely recommend Suzukien. It is a Matcha gelato shop.

There are seven levels of Mathca taste from No.1 to No.7.

No.1 is light taste and No.7 is the strongest taste.

I tried the strongest one, of course!

The upper one is Matcha taste and the bottom one is roasted tea taste.

Actually, the Matcha taste is strong taste and really delicious!!!

Suzukien was on TV before, so you might have to make a long que especially on weekend,but it is worth to taste.

address:3-4-3 Asakusa Taito-ku Tokyo
holiday:every third Wednesday