Menchi Katsu croquette in Dempoin Street in Asakusa.

Menchi Katsu croquette in Dempoin Street in Asakusa.
We,Japanese love croquette very much.

Basically, the croquette in Japanese meant batter coating fried mashed potatoes. But, Menchi Katsu is fried batter coating minced pork mixed with salt and pepper.
It is absolutely delicious.
By the way, Dempoin Street in Asakusa, where there is a Menti Katsu shop, is reproducing the old cityscape and it is a pleasant street just walking.

About Tips

Continue to talk about tips,yesterday.
I usually get tips from my guests in foreign countries, but mostly they hand down small folded bills. Or, when we are shaking hands, they hand over.
However, I received the tips carefully enveloped the other day for the first time. I was happy.
Of course, I am glad even if without envelopes, but I was impressed about the politeness.(^^)

Basically, when Japanese give money to other people, we put the money to an envelop. For example, in wedding ceremony, we give money instead of presents. At that time, we put money with gorgeous envelops. I have to spend money to the envelops, also(>▽<). Further more, the bills should be new ones, no fold bills.

You should give tip or not???

In Japan, there is basically no custom of tips.
Believe it or not, we have not gotten used to tips, so people sometime refuse the tips they’ve got.
I have seen many times Japanese people refused tips.

However, we just don’t get used to take tips, so if you are refused, please don’t feel bad. We hesitate to get money from others in addition to salary.It is just Japanese culture.

So there is absolutely no problem without giving tips at the restaurants or hotels.
On the other hand, it is normal for Japanese  not to give tips, so I feel v

In Japan, there is basically no custom of chips.
Believe it or not, I have not gotten used to it, so even people who refuse the chips they gave me are pains.
I have seen a man who refuses many times.
However, I am not accustomed to getting it, I have resistance to get money from others in addition to salary, I am hesitant only, so please do not feel bad if you give up a tip and refuse it. Please remember it as a Japanese culture.

So there is absolutely no problem without having to pay the tip at the restaurant.
On the other hand, it is normal for Japanese people not to give tips, so we feel burdened because we have to give tips when we travel abroad.
By the way, if you get tour guides or drivers in Japan and you are satisfied with their hospitalities, don’t hesitate to give them tips(^^) They get used to take tips, so they must be happy if you give tips♪♪♪



Unique fishing experience in Asakusa!?

There is a place where you can fish in Asakusa.

Actually it is not fishing, but scoping goldfishes.
It  is common in Japanese festivals, but here in Asakusa, you can play goldfish scooping !!

We scoop goldfishes  with thin paper surrounded by plastic frame called poi.

And try to scoop the goldfishes swimming in the pool.

It seems easily,but it is very difficult.

There is a little empty street on the left back of Sensoji Temple called “Nishi Sando Street”. The shop is on this street.

You can try it at 300 yen once, so let’s take a try scooping goldfishes!!

And next to that the shop is a melon bread shop I introduced before.

May 1st was not Labor Day in Japan, but

In various parts of the world, May 1st is like Labor Day, but there is no Labor Day in Japan. There is a similar day in Japan. That is a labor appreciation day, if it is expressed in English, it is November 23 at Labor ‘s Thanks Giving Day.

As it explains it on another occasion, there are three holidays in May.
May 3rd, 4th and 5th, the 3rd is the Constitution Memorial Day, the 4th is Greenery Day, the 5th is the Children’s Day.
Another day on April 29 is Showa Day, it is the birthday of Emperor Showa. Emperor Showa is the father of present Emperor.
We call the end of  April to the beginning of  May , Golden Week.

Since 29th was Sunday this year,  30th(Mon) was a holiday instead, from 28th(Sat) to 30th were three holidays.
The first and the second of May were not holidays, but since the third day is Wednesday and the fifth  is Friday, as it is closed on Saturdays and Sundays, it is five consecutive holidays. From May 1 to May 5.

Some people take paid leave on the 1st and 2nd of May and take 10 consecutive holidays from April 28 to May 7.  It is a pleasant and glittery feeling, so it is called Golden Week.
Many people used to go abroad before, but recently there are many people who are traveling domestically in Japan, do not dare to do it at home.