These reviews are included “Asakusa walking tour”  and Japaneses cultural experience which were held through Kanji House, my business partner.

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Beaute du Japon
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by Abbie Mia on Beaute du Japon
Asakusa tour and Kanji House

There were many amazing experiences with kind staffs in cozy space.
You can experience...
- Wearing Japanese traditional clothes "Kimono"
Women can wear beautiful color Kimono and men can wear Samurai style Kimono. There are Kimono dressers to support us.
- Sightseeing with a tour guide in Asakusa
A tour guide explains about Asakusa history in English.
- Writing Kanji characters as your name
After some communications, a staff who is good at Japanese writing chooses Kanji characters for you.

Hi, MiaThank you so much for your review!!I really enjoyed walking Asakusa with wearing Kimono. Hope to see you,soon!!!

by Lynn Wolfson on Beaute du Japon
Excellent time at the Kanji House

My husband, adult daughter and myself had a wonderful time at the Kanji House on our trip to Japan. It gave us the opportunity to get a very personal Japanese cultural experience. We were welcomed by three young women who helped each of us get dressed in a kimono and my husband into a traditional samurai robe. While dressed in our Japanese garb, we had a walking tour of Asakusa and saw the Shrine and the Buddhist Temple. Once we were back in the traditional Japanese home, we participated in the Japanese Tea Ceremony and had our names written in Kanji. I would highly recommend this excursion to anyone who visits Tokyo

Hello,Lynn!!I am sorry for such a late response! I found out that I can response your review just now. I really enjoyed the Japanese cultural experience with you. Hope to see you in US!! Thank you so much!!!

by David on Beaute du Japon

Norie, my tour guide has a pretty extensive knowledge of Asakusa and its history. She answered all of my questions and took the time to explain them in great details.
My phone stopped working, the night before I was about to leave for Tokyo. I had to asked Norie, if we can use her phone to take pictures. She gladly took the photos and emailed them to me.
Great Service!

Thank you, David!!I am happy to hear from you.I hope we can meet again!!

by Kelvin Lee on Beaute du Japon
Sensoji walking tour!

My wife and I had a very nice afternoon with Norie exploring Asakusa and the Sensoji temple area plus we got our names written in Kanji as a souvenir after. The guided tour offered by Kanji House is a must do for anyone visiting Tokyo. Norie was very friendly and a great guide showing us not only the temple area but around as well.

Hello, Kelvin!I am so sorry for very late response. Thank you for your review!! Not only Sensoji temple is my tour's point, so I am happy you like that♬Hope to see you again!!

by Jose Vincent on Beaute du Japon
Kanji House

Only few times in ones life, a real experience results better than a dream of it.That is what happend in my trip to Japan, and probably one of the best experiences in the whole journey was the visit to Kanji House. In traditional Asakusa district, two lovely and smiling ladies, dressed in beautiful Kimonos, approached me kindly and explained their newly crowdfunded business, to write your name in japanese Kanji. Beeing a japanese art lover, I accepted, curiosly, to see where this experience would take me. We walked a few blocks, and got to a traditional japanese house, where in the second floor, Norie San and Akane San had their business, beautifully decorated. We talkes a little so that they could find out a little more about me and my life, because it is not only that they will write your name translating or transcripting it into Kanji, they really fin a meaning for each Kanji, that suits a positive caracteristic of you. Then, with brush, ink and rice paper, they write you new name in Kanji, explaining why they chose each kanji (and give you a certificate of the visit and the explanation to each Kanji). Norie San and Akane San were always very friendly, smiling, and the best host there can be. I walked back to my hotel with a smile from ear o ear, and my Kanji, framed (a must!!!) under my arm. I hope everyone can enjoy this experience aswell! 🙂 My sincerest and warmest regards and congratulations to Norie San and Akane San.

Hi,VIncent Thank you for your review!! I am so sorry for late response.Kanji House Experience was special for you. I am very happy to hear that. I always welcome you with smiling:)Hope to see you again!!

by Saw Yee Mon on Beaute du Japon
Kimono de Asakusa+Kanji

Excellent ! Exclusive! Extraordinary !
I love Kanji House. Their service and hospitality is two thumbs up.
A very warm welcome from cozy and compact little place makes me feel very special. Dressing up in beautiful Kinono and touring around Asakusa area is really fun. They also help me to take a lot of photos because selfies are not enough as the surrounding is very beautiful and I want to take as much photos as I can !!! Such a unique experience for me. On top of that, I can bring back my own name written in Kanji characters. This is very exclusive !!! 100% satisfaction for me.

Hello, Saw Yee Mon:) I am so sorry for such a late response. I just found out I can reply to your review now. Actually, when I guided and offered the kimono dressing service, I was very fresh for this job, but you really enjoyed my tours, so I am so happy. Hope to see you again in Myanmar!!