“Beaute du japon”

profile norie with kimono“Beaute du japon”  provides private guided tours, kimono dressing, Japanese cultural experience.
I am Norie, a nationally certified guide and Japanese culture teacher. I am a Tokyo native and bilingual English speaker who will provide a friendly and personalized experience tailored to your interests.
I love traveling because I can meet new people in local  and learn about each culture.
I also love my country’s tradition, especially Japnanese traditional garment, kimono. I desire to convey “kimono happy” to the world. “Kimono happy” means that the happy and impressed feeling when you dress up with kimono.
I am telling a story how I found “kimono” is an adorable dress all over the world. When I visited Kyoto, which is an ancient city, I went to a makeover photo studio. I dressed up with “Maiko” style kimono. (“Maiko” is a kind of a hostess or an entertainer who is trained in the traditional arts, singing, dancing, conversation and serves at a traditional Japanese cuisine restaurant.)
When I saw me in the mirror clad in a Maiko style kimono, I was so impressed and touched. How beautiful garment!! How makes me happy kimono is!  It was an amazing experience for me, so I felt so happy all day long.

profile norie with kimonoAfter that trip, I told about the experience to my mother.  I said “ I want to wear kimono, again.” My mother has  many kimono, so she showed me them. I was excited and impressed again. However, kimono is complicated to wear by ourselves. Even Japanese, many of them cannot wear kimono by themselves. So, unfortunately, Japanese people usually don’t wear kimono recently. It is a pity. Kimono makes people happy. Then, I thought, I want more and more people to wear kimono and I want to make them happy with kimono, not only for Japanese, for all over the world  people. That is the start for “kimono happy to the world”.

Then,I found there is a job as a tour guide for foreign traveler. I decided that I will spread “kimono happy” to all over the world through the tour job. I can introduce Japanese culture including, of course, kimono and sightseeing spots. It is amazing for me. That’s why I am not only a kimono stylist. While touring, I always wear kimono. I know people who see kimono clad person also feel so happy seeing the beautiful, attractive and dignified appearance.
Thank you do much for reading all the sentences.