Tokyo’s local food, Monjayaki

Monjayaki is the local food of Tokyo. In English, it is runny puncake. It is an expression that does not seem to be very delicious, but there is only that. . . Have you ever heard of okonomiyaki? Okonomiyaki is puncake, is not it? The taste is very similar, but Monjyaki is characterized by not being solid like okonomiyaki.

This is an Okonomiyaki.


I think that it is difficult to image only letters, so I will explain how to eat Monja fried with a photo.

First, put the oil on the iron plate.

This is Monja and first, put the ingredients in the bowl besides soup stock.


Make the circle with the ingredient,means make a hole middle of the ingredients like the following picture.

Pour the soup stock up!

Wait until soup and ingredients warm.

Finally, you can eat!!!There should be a small spatula,so take the Monja using it. Be careful spatula is too hot when you eat.

***If you want to eat Monja, you should go to Monja street in Tokyo. The nearest station is Tsukishima staion of Toei Oedo Line or Metro Yurakucho Line.

My favorite Monja restaurant is here.

Monja, “Tsukushiya”.





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