The oldest stone bridge in Tokyo

Sensoji temple is the oldest temple in Tokyo, also the oldest stone bridge in Tokyo is in the same premises.

This is caled “Shakkyo”, literary meaning is stone bridge in Japanese. It was made in 1616 and now we can not pass because of preservation, but we can see it. Below that there is a small pond and large koi fishes are swimming in the pond. Opposite side, you can see a small beautiful waterfall. It is near the main hall. Please try looking for the oldest stone bridge.

The year of 1616 was the time Tokugawa Ieyasu died. Toshogu shrine was built in Asakusa. Toshogu is the tomb of Ieyasu, and the main shrine is located in NIkko ,136 kilometers away from Asakusa. At the time there were no cars and no train, so going to Nikko was a very difficult thing. Toshogu shrine  was built in Asakusa, so that anyone can visit Toshogu easily. And this stone bridge was made as a bridge connecting the sanctuary Toshogu shrine and the human world. Toshogu shrine’s main hall itself in Asakusa was destroyed with fire accident, but still Ieyasu seems to be beyond this bridge, and protect Tokyo’s peaceful.

This picture is in Nikko.


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