Raccoon Street!?

There is a street which is called raccoon street in Asakusa.
There are 12 cute statues of raccoon there.

Until the late nineteenth century, there were many raccoons in Asakusa area. A civil war called Boshin War occurred in the nearby Ueno, and the raccoons in Ueno  ran away from Ueno to Asakusa and had settled in Asakusa.

However, a territorial dispute began and it was rough between the raccoon which originally lived in Asakusa and the raccoon who ran away from Ueno.

An Asakusa local raccoon called Tatsugoro calmed down and admonished the racconns telling, thanks to the Kannon of Sensoji Temple, we can live safely. Tatsugoro admonished them to keep peace and help people.

After Tatsugoro’s action, all the raccoon changed from roughness feeling to warm full feeling.  In particular, the 12 raccoon of them with strong sense of justice became gods after training. The 12 raccoon gods will answer people’s wishing if people stroke the raccoon’s belly while wishing.

The raccoons of the Raccoon Street are the gods.

Let’s search Raccoon Street and wish something to the raccoon gods!



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