Raccoon story, No.2

Yesterday, I blogged about “Raccoon Street” in Asakusa and mentioned the story about run-away raccoon from Ueno.

There is another story about raccoon.

The raccoons ran away from Ueno settled in Asakusa,However, the raccoons mischieved for human, for exapmle, they threw sandals in the kettle or throw some sand into rooms. Human were very annoyed about that.One day, a monk of Asakusa’s Sensoji temple had a dream. In the dreams, the raccoons had declarations saying that “If you protect for us, we will protect Sensoji temple from fire accidents forever.” After that, the monk built a small shrine called “Chingodo” nearby Sensoji for raccoons. In the small shrine, there are some ornaments of raccoons. They are enshrined as gods.

Actually, when the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923 and Tokyo Air Raid in 1945 occurred, around Sensoji and Chingodo shrine was not burned away!!!

Raccoon protected us really!

But, the other side, it’s said to be that a big ginkgo tree protected this area from the big accidents, because ginkgo trees have lots of water in it. We can see the big ginkgo tree still now in side Chingodo shrine. The ginkgo tree survived from the big earthquake and Tokyo Air aid.

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