Nikko Edo wonderland!!

If you are interested in Nikko, Nikko Edo wonderland is the must place you go.

Edo is the old name of Tokyo. Tokugawa shogun have governed Tokyo from 1603 to 1868. At that time, Tokugawa shogun took an isolation policy, so Japanese unique culture was flourished. For example, Japanese traditional stage drama called Kabuki, Japanese traditional sports;Sumo, wood block porint; Ukiyoe,comic show;Rakugo and so on.

In Edo wonderland time trave to Edo is possible.

All of the staff are wearing Japanese traditional costume and even trash box has a traditional look.

There are some shows.

I recommend Ninja and Oiran shows.

You can see the action Ninja show. Oiran is actually high class prostitutes putting lots of hair ornaments and gorgeous fashion. They are not just prostitutes, they can dance,play some instruments, make poems and show hospitality very well, so if men want to play with them, they had to pay huge amount of price.

Now, there are no Ninja and Oiran in Japan, but if you go to the Oiran show in Nikko Edo wonderland, you can join the show and the Oiran will show hospitality with dancing and pouring Sake for you.

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