Nice Tempura bowl restaurant in Asakusa!

Asakusa is famous for tempura rice bowl.
Tokyo was called Edo when samurai govened Tokyo, and people in Edo were called Edokko.

Edokko were busy, so tempura rice bowl became popular at Edo, cuz  they can eat tempura and rice at the same time, then they can save thier time.

The two tops of delicious tempura restauranteurs are  “Masaru” and “Daikokuya”.
Tempura in Asakusa is unique. They are fried in black sesame oil, so the color of tempura is deeper than usual ones.
It will be served like this picture.

There is impact. The big tempura is an eel.
I smell the river a little, but that is also the taste of Asakusa.
The owner  will feel free to talk to you very much. A lot of foreigners are coming, please do not hesitate to go. However, please be careful as it will be sold out if you go there late time. I recommended you go there around 11:30.

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