Is Japan comfortable to travel???

There are many dis-satisfactions from foreign tourists who came to Japan because

⑴the internet can not be used,
⑵ They can not communicate in English,
⑶High price for several things,

But this time I went to China on a trip, I looked at the Chinese as a tourist as the same as you, and compared Japan to other countries, about internet connection, availability of English,prices, etc. I tried to verify.

About internet connections, which means that there are few places to use in coffee shops or shops like them, but that is not the case. You can use internet at coffee shops and restaurants such as Starbucks, McDonald’s and other places with many touristic area. Free Wi-Fi is connected not only to shops but also to the subway and train home. Even if you go anywhere, of course you can change the SIM card or if you use a mobile router, the internet will be connected anywhere.

In contrast to China.
There are marks that Wi-Fi can be used in Starbucks and McDonald’s in China, but there are serious problems!
The thing is that I could not connect internet without a Chinese phone number. Tourists do not usually have a phone number , so it is the same as not being connected. I did not about know that it was such a mechanism.I could connect internet only at hotels. Such a mess!!!

Many people already know, but FYI,in China we cannot use Facebook,Instagram,twitter,google also. If you want to search something, you shoul use “Bing”.  Of course we cannot use Google map,so we should use other map service. I use i phone, so I used imap.

As  a result, compare to China, Japan is easy to connect internet and search something in the internet.

Then, I would like to continue to verify that English is available or not in Japan compare to China ,tomorrow♪

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