Is English available in Japan???

Good evening. Well then, is today English better in Japan than in China?
I travel overseas once or twice a year, but the countries I have been to the past was not particularly troubled if I could speak English.

However, I went to various parts of China such as  Shanghai. 杭州、蘇州 this time, but communicate in English was hard than I expected. People in the town  don’t speak English was not problem at all, but people at the ticket office of the bullet train could not speak English. That caused problems for me. Even if I tried to show with gestures to ask something, they are clearly disgusted. It was very unpleasant.

If I go to a restaurant with a menu with photos, it is easy to communicate with staff, cuz I just point the picture what I want to eat.

But, when I  buy a ticket for the Shinkansen,  I wanted to ask questions like, what time does departure time, arrival time or how about other flights?  The staff could not speak English ,and she was disgusted, so it was very stressful. Compared to it Japan, Japanese are very poor in English. I have to admit about that. I think that travelers took a hard time because they could not communicate in English at all in the past. But now it has changed. Since we have been preparing for the Olympic Games in 2020, we started to learn how to speak English. Many people can talk at train spots or airports.  Japanese show sincerity to help foreigners who are in trouble even if they can not speak. As I am a Japanese, I admit that I am favoring Japan, but I am sure Japan was changed. It is getting better and easily to travel Japan.  If you traveled Japan ten years ago, I guess you had troublesome time all day in Japan,  because you never communicate in English,but if you come back to Japan now, you will recognize Japan was changed! and also, Japanese have been changed, too! It is much easier to travel than it was ten years ago. If there are someone who think that they will not go anymore Japan because it was difficult in terms of languages, I would like you to come back and see us again!!

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