Asakusa Sensoji story.

Asakusa is the must go place in Tokyo!

It is a traditional, historical and excited area with the oldest Buddhist temple in the city.

The Buddhist temple is called Sensoji temple and was built in 7th century.

Once upon a time, there were two fishermen’s brothers.

They went to fishing as usual on 628, March 18.

They got a human shape small stone from river called Sumida river.

They threw the stone back to the river, but they got the stone again and again and again.

Finally, they brought it and talked about this mysterious thing to a wise man in their village.

He taught this stone was a Buddhist statue and it is a type of  Genzerieki.

Genzerieki means benefits gained in this world through observance of the Buddhist teachings.

The two fishermen were interested in the statue and prayed to have a great catch for fish. Next day, they really caught a lot of fish!!!

And the wise man decided to become the monk and teach the Buddhist teachings to people in that village. He converted his house to a temple. That is the Sensoji temple’s story.

This is the story how Sensoji Temple was made in Asakusa.

Next to Sensoji Temple, there is a shrine called Asakusa Shrine.

In this shrine, the two fishermen and the wise man are enshrined as deities.

Even now, a festival to commemorate for three people’s achievements has been held every May.





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