◆Water fall meditation◆

Experience real meditation at a mountain near from center of Tokyo.

A traditional form of ascetic training is to stand beneath a waterfall while reciting mantras and sutras. I am sure you feel really purified and fresh after the meditation.

This tour is not provide every day.

Designated days only,

Water fall 1 the first Saturday and 17th,27th every month
Starting time 10:30am~
Water fall 2 he first Saturday and 18th,28th every month
Starting time 9:30am~


You can choose transportation from car or train.

-I will pick you up to your hotel or we meet at Mt. Takao station on Keio line.

-Go to the fall and listen to the monk talking.

-You will join a Buddhism ritual,not just going into water fall, it is a meditation.

-After meditation, I am sure you feel purified and fresh.

-After the training, I will take you to Onsen (hot spring) to warm our body!! If you are hungry, I can take you to lunch place, but lunch fee is not included.

-Taking a bath at Onsen near the station.

-Go back to your hotel

If you want to know more,please send me a message from here. 🙂

***NOTE THAT, this is not for leisure, it is serious meditation.

***NOTE THAT,Practitioners must wear the white clothes and underwear of ascetics.

Mt TakaoMt Takao

*This tour will take about 8 hours.

*The fee is  35000 Japanese yen in one group.

*The above fee is for tour guide, not included transportation fee.  The transportation fee is different from number of you and the distance, so let me know your information from here. If you want to know rough estimate, take a look transportation for your reference.

*Maximal participants are 15 people. If your group is more than 15, let me know.

*Not included lunch, the admission for water fall meditation and Onsen and transportation.