BEAUTE du JAPON’s slogan is “Kimono happy to the world♪”

Kimono is Japanese traditional costume.I always wear kimono while touring, so many guests ask me “where can I buy the kimono like yours?” so, I made this tour!!


I will guide you to the kimono shops and advise which one is suitable for you. Not only the kimono shops, also Japanese sandal(it’s called Zori or Geta) and hair ornaments shops.

Last of the tour, I will teach you how to wear kimono. The way to wear kimono is a little bit complicated, but once you take a lesson, videos from you-tubes or broucher I will give you remind you.

I would like you to enjoy and make your own kimono fashion style. Kimono is traditional costume, but I also put modern taste such a pair of sneakers,western style sandals, kimono made from denim and putting on sun glasses;)

Not only traditional style!!Let’s enjoy your own kimono style!!


*This tour will take about 6 hours.

*The fee is 30000 Japanese yen in one group.

*The above fee is for tour guide, not included transportation fee.  It you are thinking to take a limousine car or a van, let me know and take a look here for your reference.

*Note that maximal participants are 3 people. I will consult and teach you how to wear kimono, so maximal participants are limited.

*Not including Lunch and any transportation fee.