Kushiage or Kushikatsu :One of Japanese local food.

Kushikatsu is a dish that can be eaten in the south and western regions from the vicinity of Tokyo, skewered vegetables, fish, cows, pigs, chicken, and fried in oil. Yakitori may have heard of it, but yakitori burns skewered items, but kushikatsu fried. We call it Kushikatsu or Kushiage. Both are the same meaning.

Basically, fried foods are served, but there are shops that deep themselves.
If you want to eat Kushiage and you are in Tokyo, you must go to “Toyokatsu” in Shinjuku Sanchome!  My friend  owns the restaurant and it’s really nice.

Especially recommended for “Toyokatsu” are pork ginger and Toyokasu. The inside of chicken contains the contents of dumplings, shrimps, scallops, shiitake mushrooms etc are all delicious.


Adress in Japanese:東京都 新宿区 新宿 3-11-6 エクレ新宿 B1F

Adress in English: B1F 3-11-6 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo.

This is a marker of the entrance.

Tokyo’s local food, Monjayaki

Monjayaki is the local food of Tokyo. In English, it is runny puncake. It is an expression that does not seem to be very delicious, but there is only that. . . Have you ever heard of okonomiyaki? Okonomiyaki is puncake, is not it? The taste is very similar, but Monjyaki is characterized by not being solid like okonomiyaki.

This is an Okonomiyaki.


I think that it is difficult to image only letters, so I will explain how to eat Monja fried with a photo.

First, put the oil on the iron plate.

This is Monja and first, put the ingredients in the bowl besides soup stock.


Make the circle with the ingredient,means make a hole middle of the ingredients like the following picture.

Pour the soup stock up!

Wait until soup and ingredients warm.

Finally, you can eat!!!There should be a small spatula,so take the Monja using it. Be careful spatula is too hot when you eat.

***If you want to eat Monja, you should go to Monja street in Tokyo. The nearest station is Tsukishima staion of Toei Oedo Line or Metro Yurakucho Line.

My favorite Monja restaurant is here.


Monja, “Tsukushiya”.





Nikko Toshogu Shrine,the World Heritage sites

Although Nikko Toshogu is one of the world heritage, it is definitely worth going.
Nikko Toshogu is a grave of Ieyasu Tokugawa, but Tokugawa Ieyasu is the one who made the foundation of Tokyo now. Ieyasu came to Tokyo in 1603, but Ieyasu is very important in talking about the history of Tokyo to say that there was no current Tokyo if he was not in Tokyo.

<Isyasu Tokugawa>

Tokugawa Ieyasu’s politics is called Tokugawa Shogun Government, and the era of General Tokugawa lasted for 265 years (1603-1868), spans 15 generations. In the first generation Ieyasu, the second generation his son, the third generation the grandchild, and so on 15 generations lasted. In the last 265 years, civil war hardly occurred and it was a peaceful era.

Especially Ieyasu ‘s grandson’ s grandson Iemitsu respected Ieyasu very much, firstly Ieyasu ‘s grave was simple, but from the strong desire of Iemitsu, the shrine  became a gorgeous building like now. There are 5000 sculptures in Nikko Toshogu Shrine, each meaningful.
In addition, although Nikko Toshogu is a shrine, elements of Buddhism are also included. There are two religions in Japan, one is Shinto. Shinto is a religion peculiar to Japan, Buddhism has come from India through China. When Buddhism came, Shinto accepted Buddhism.Because there are many gods in the world of Shinto, Buddhist Buddha was considered as one of Shinto gods. Therefore, they coexist without fighting each other.

May 1st was not Labor Day in Japan, but

In various parts of the world, May 1st is like Labor Day, but there is no Labor Day in Japan. There is a similar day in Japan. That is a labor appreciation day, if it is expressed in English, it is November 23 at Labor ‘s Thanks Giving Day.

As it explains it on another occasion, there are three holidays in May.
May 3rd, 4th and 5th, the 3rd is the Constitution Memorial Day, the 4th is Greenery Day, the 5th is the Children’s Day.
Another day on April 29 is Showa Day, it is the birthday of Emperor Showa. Emperor Showa is the father of present Emperor.
We call the end of  April to the beginning of  May , Golden Week.

Since 29th was Sunday this year,  30th(Mon) was a holiday instead, from 28th(Sat) to 30th were three holidays.
The first and the second of May were not holidays, but since the third day is Wednesday and the fifth  is Friday, as it is closed on Saturdays and Sundays, it is five consecutive holidays. From May 1 to May 5.

Some people take paid leave on the 1st and 2nd of May and take 10 consecutive holidays from April 28 to May 7.  It is a pleasant and glittery feeling, so it is called Golden Week.
Many people used to go abroad before, but recently there are many people who are traveling domestically in Japan, do not dare to do it at home.


Japanese hotel room seems a cocoon?!

Japanese hotel room seems a cocoon?!


One of my guests said, Japanese hotel rooms seem to be a cocoon.
I was really wondering, “why?”

He said, it’s very small, so everything is in reachable distance.
First, he wakes up and walk really a little bit, wash his face and change his clothes and then, he gets ready for going outside.
As he said, the action seems a caterpillar goes out from a cocoon.

I see!
I understand!

My apartment seems a cocoon also:D
It’s a really tiny studio and everything is in reachable area with short walk😆
I don’t need to move a lot.

Many Japanese apartments for single are like this.


Asakusa Sensoji story.

Asakusa is the must go place in Tokyo!

It is a traditional, historical and excited area with the oldest Buddhist temple in the city.

The Buddhist temple is called Sensoji temple and was built in 7th century.

Once upon a time, there were two fishermen’s brothers.

They went to fishing as usual on 628, March 18.

They got a human shape small stone from river called Sumida river.

They threw the stone back to the river, but they got the stone again and again and again.

Finally, they brought it and talked about this mysterious thing to a wise man in their village.

He taught this stone was a Buddhist statue and it is a type of  Genzerieki.

Genzerieki means benefits gained in this world through observance of the Buddhist teachings.

The two fishermen were interested in the statue and prayed to have a great catch for fish. Next day, they really caught a lot of fish!!!

And the wise man decided to become the monk and teach the Buddhist teachings to people in that village. He converted his house to a temple. That is the Sensoji temple’s story.

This is the story how Sensoji Temple was made in Asakusa.

Next to Sensoji Temple, there is a shrine called Asakusa Shrine.

In this shrine, the two fishermen and the wise man are enshrined as deities.

Even now, a festival to commemorate for three people’s achievements has been held every May.





The strongest taste Macha flavor gelato♥♥♥

You must try this Matcha flavor gelato when you visit at Asakusa.

Asakusa is a vary famous sight seeing spot with Sensoji temple, but it’s not only the temple, also many places you must go.

I definitely recommend Suzukien. It is a Matcha gelato shop.

There are seven levels of Mathca taste from No.1 to No.7.

No.1 is light taste and No.7 is the strongest taste.

I tried the strongest one, of course!

The upper one is Matcha taste and the bottom one is roasted tea taste.

Actually, the Matcha taste is strong taste and really delicious!!!

Suzukien was on TV before, so you might have to make a long que especially on weekend,but it is worth to taste.

address:3-4-3 Asakusa Taito-ku Tokyo
holiday:every third Wednesday


Nikko Edo wonderland!!

If you are interested in Nikko, Nikko Edo wonderland is the must place you go.

Edo is the old name of Tokyo. Tokugawa shogun have governed Tokyo from 1603 to 1868. At that time, Tokugawa shogun took an isolation policy, so Japanese unique culture was flourished. For example, Japanese traditional stage drama called Kabuki, Japanese traditional sports;Sumo, wood block porint; Ukiyoe,comic show;Rakugo and so on.

In Edo wonderland time trave to Edo is possible.

All of the staff are wearing Japanese traditional costume and even trash box has a traditional look.

There are some shows.

I recommend Ninja and Oiran shows.

You can see the action Ninja show. Oiran is actually high class prostitutes putting lots of hair ornaments and gorgeous fashion. They are not just prostitutes, they can dance,play some instruments, make poems and show hospitality very well, so if men want to play with them, they had to pay huge amount of price.

Now, there are no Ninja and Oiran in Japan, but if you go to the Oiran show in Nikko Edo wonderland, you can join the show and the Oiran will show hospitality with dancing and pouring Sake for you.

Please take a look if you want to know more about Nikko Edo wonderland!!!