Well, the last subject. Is Japan expensive?
There are people still thinking that prices are high in Japan, due to the prejudice of foreigners. However, I think that you know who actually traveled, prices are quite cheap.
This time, I traveled to Shanghai, it was very similar to Shanghai, or Shanghai is more expensive, I was surprised very much.

McDonald ‘s most surprised. In order to take a break, I entered McDonald’s and asked for orange juice. 10 yuan. Huh? ! What? ! What? 10 yuan? 10 yuan is 200 yen in Japanese yen. In McDonald’s of Japan, orange juice is 100 yen. It is double? I was surprised at this.

And Yoshinoya, a beef bowl resutaurant.
In Japan, beef bowl and miso soup with pickles are about 600 yen. However, the Yoshinoya in Shanghai has few menu of beef bowls in the first place, but the set of beef fried and rice, miso soup, egg omlet or something  is 52 yuan. 52 yuan? It is 1040 yen in Japanese yen. I do not use 1000 yen at Yoshinoya in the sense of the Japanese. If you go to Yoshinoya, I would like to put it within 1000 yen.

Besides, I wanted to eat dumplings and beef noodles and entered a Chinese restaurant, but even at shops like atmosphere fast food, if it is in Japan like a fast food restaurant 700 ~ 900 I was surprised because it was a place I wanted to put in yen.

And my friend went to a nail salon and put on nail her fingers and feet, but It cost 16000 yen! I and my friend  were surprised!!! Indeed, even though there is no decoration in particular, even though it is a single color, 16000 yen is high. If it is a single color in Japan, it can be done within 5000 yen.

Based on the above verification results, prices in Japan are not high. It is rather cheap compared to Shanghai. Of course it is still expensive compared to Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia.

However, the only thing I found it is so cheap is transportation fee. Even if I get on the subway from 40 yen, even if I get on a taxi for about 15 minutes it was about 300 yen, and I was surprised by the Shinkansen in a good sense. If in Japan for 1 hour ride on the Shinkansen will cost at least 10,000 yen, but in China it was 2000 yen even in the first class. One-fifth price! I think that it is cheap because public transportation is surely becoming a leg of common people. Incidentally, the Japanese subway costs from 160 yen and the taxi from 410 yen. (It depends on location.)


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