Kamiya Bar in Asakusa

There is a nice bar in Asakusa called Kamiya bar.
The Kamiya bar is a very historical bar, crowded with local regulars.
There were air raids around Asakusa during the Second World War.
The Asakusa area became a burned land.
However, the building of this Kamiya bar was very rugged in Western architecture, so it remained without being blown away.

The local people of Asakusa who saw it decided to restore the city of Asakusa from this bar.
The city of this Asakusa is now made Kamiya bar swift.
So, the address of this Kamiya bar is” 1-1-1 Asakusa, Taito-ku, Tokyo”!
Now, the bar is on the first floor, the Western restaurant is on the second floor, and the Japanese cuisine restaurant is on the third floor.

It is also famous as Japan ‘s first bar.
Established in 1880, they began selling one glass of drink for the first time. Also, at this bar there is famous cocktail called Electric Blanc. In Japanese, “Denki Buran”. It is a cocktail based on brandy, and it is a very storong alcoholic.

Please visit this bar at the end of Asakusa sightseeing.


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